How To Prepare For Your Senior Session / Girls {Northwest Ohio Senior Photographer}

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Congratulations!  You have booked your senior portrait session!  Now what???  Below I have a few tips and suggestions that will help you to look your very best in front of the camera.  Follow these guidelines in the weeks leading up to your senior session and I will take care of the rest!


  • Choose two to three outfit selections for a simple senior session and approximately five to six looks for a signature senior session.  When selecting your outfits take into consideration both the time of year and location for your session.  Make sure your outfits reflect YOUR personality and style! Prior to your session make sure your clothing pieces are both clean and wrinkle free.
  • Grab a bag and pack any accessories you will want for each outfit-jewelry, scarves, hair accessories, etc.  Bring along matching socks and shoes for each outfit if one pair will not coordinate with all of your options.  Now is the time to also remember and include the proper undergarments for each outfit as well!
  • If you are planning on including any props during your session-your ballet shoes, favorite books, softball gear, etc. - go ahead and pack that as well. Are you planning on including your car during your senior session?  Be sure to wash it the night before or day of your session.
  • Get a good night's rest the evening before your session so you look well rested in your portraits.
  • If you are considering a haircut prior to your session, schedule it for one to two weeks prior to the day of your portrait session. Do not drastically change your style and/or color from your current look in the event you do not like it. Consider having the hair stylist show you some easy looks you can do during your outfit changes to showcase a greater variety of images in your overall gallery.  
  • Practice your makeup the week leading up to your session so you can get it just right the day of your session.  Try to not overdo your makeup and bring along your cosmetics for any needed touch-ups. 
  • Avoid self tanner.  Are you wishing you had more of a sun kissed look for your senior portraits?  Just let me know!  It is much easier for me to warm your skin tone up during the editing process versus fixing orange, blotchy skin ;)
  • Acne.  It happens.  If you wake up two days prior to your session, or the morning of, and a few unwanted visitors have graced your face-avoid making it worse by picking at it.  Apply some makeup over the area (not too heavy) and leave it at that.  All of my senior sessions include basic retouching, which includes blemish removal; so do not even think twice about those blemishes!
  • Consider getting a manicure the day before your session to ensure your nails look their best.  Do not forget the color needs to match all of your outfit selections.  For this reason, and to keep a clean appearance, I suggest going with a french manicure or a simple clear coat of paint.
  • Is your best friend, boyfriend, or sibling joining you for a few images?  Do not forget to coordinate an outfit with them to avoid clashing.
  • Do not think twice OR stress over posing.  No...REALLY!  I want you to arrive to your senior session relaxed and ready to have fun.  I will guide you through the posing process and together we will create timeless portraits you will love sharing with your family and friends!




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