Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Senior Portraits {Oak Harbor Senior Photographer}

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Ashley 8Ashley 8

You have your outfits planned, know exactly what you are going to do with your hair, and have been perfecting your smokey eye!  Now it is time to consider your accessories, which can make or break your outfit. Here are a few things to keep in mind...

  • Do not let your accessories wear you. Too big or too zany can overwhelm your face and body, taking away from the overall image. This is about YOU!
  • Choose accessories that mean something to you. Maybe you want to wear a ring your mother gave you or the earrings that always earn you compliments.
  • Try not to choose anything that is heavily ornamented. In a few years, ultra trendy items can look really dated. Funky and fun are great, but be thoughtful when selecting your accessories.
  • Make sure your accessories work well together with your outfit. For example, a thin belt may flatter your figure more than a thick belt. And those dangly earrings may look best with your hair up while the studs look good with your hair down.
  • Prior to your session get a second (or even third) opinion.  Put on each outfit and coordinating accessories that you plan to wear for your session and ask for someone's advice.  Perhaps you could snap a few pictures to see how your outfit photographs head to toe! 


Check out a few of my 2017 Seniors and their great use of accessories during their senior portrait experience!


Anzlee Summer 17Anzlee Summer 17 Daisy Summer 29Daisy Summer 29 Alexa 5Alexa 5 Jake 13Jake 13 Katelyn 27Katelyn 27 Ryan 23Ryan 23




Are you an Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, or Northwest Ohio high school junior interested in hearing more about a custom senior portrait experience with Kelly Lindsay Photography?  Hop over to the Contact page and request an updated copy of my Senior Portrait Magazine.  I would love the opportunity to work with you to create senior portraits that reflect your personal interests and style!


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