Sisters / Port Clinton Beach Portrait Session {Lake Erie Photographer}

January 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Good morning!  Who could use some cuteness (and a reminder that summer will be here before we know it!) on this dreary day?  Personally, I know I could!  I adore winter...when there is snow.  No snow on the ground?  You might as well take me straight to summer! 

The session I am sharing with you today is hands down one of my favorite "sister sessions" to date!  Mom contacted me after I had worked with both of her daughters while shooting Oak Harbor Youth Soccer League photos.  Not going to lie as soon as she said who her daughters were I remembered exactly who they were, because they are adorable.  Like "will you marry one of my boys adorable"! 

So why is their session one of my favorite sister sessions to date?  Maybe it's because the lighting was spot on the evening of our session.  Maybe it's because we were shooting at one of my favorite beaches....hello, East Harbor State Park!  Perhaps it's because their outfit selections were perfection! Let's not forget these sisters are 100% adorable.  Truth be told, this session is one of my favorites for all the reasons I just gave; however, they also showed up with a kitten.  Yes, a kitten.  In Mom's purse.  You see on the way to the session Mom and daughters passed a sign for free kittens so they stopped..and left with a kitten...headed to a photo session.  Now, I need for you to understand I was that young girl growing up who brought easily a hundred kittens home.  No really.  And I built them elaborate cat houses made out of cardboard boxes.  So yea, I pretty much fell in love with mom and girls before the first click of my shutter.  Now I know you are wondering did we take a few pictures with the kitten?  What do you think ;)


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Thank you sweet girls for an amazing summer session!  It was an absolute delight seeing you outside of your soccer uniforms and the sweet relationship you share!

Are you looking to book your own family beach portrait session along Lake Erie?  I am now booking Summer 2017 sessions for the Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, and surrounding Northwest Ohio!  Use the contact page or e-mail kellylindsayphoto[email protected] to get the ball rolling on your custom session!


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