Ethan / Oak Harbor High School Senior {Lindsey, Ohio Senior Portrait Session}

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I am excited to introduce you to Ethan, a 2016 graduate of Oak Harbor School!  It was a pleasure to meet this handsome guy and his parents after the need to reschedule our session due to an injury.  A couple of days prior to the date of original session Ethan suffered an eye injury during a football game (ouch!).  Thankfully, his stitches were not in long and any remaining indication he had been inured were an easy fix in Photoshop!  Regardless, when you look at Ethan you are drawn to his stellar smile so this photographer had no worries!

Upon discussing Ethan's interests and personality it was decided this Oak Harbor Senior's session would take place at Creek Bend Farm in Lindsey, Ohio.  In addition, we opted to meet again later in the week at Oak Harbor High School to showcase Ethan's love of football and baseball.  Creek Bend Farm is part of the Sandusky County Park District and within the last year has become one of my favorite locations to shoot at.  Ethan's dad received bonus points from me for coming across a hidden treasure during our session as well (more on that later)!

For Ethan's first set of images he paired jeans with an always classic plaid button down shirt.  At the risk of sounding cliche the barns around Creek Bend Farm were ideal to shoot his plaid shirt against.  I loved how relaxed Ethan was in front of my camera.  He flowed pretty effortlessly from a genuine smile to a more serious look.  It was great talking to him as we walked and I enjoyed learning a little bit more about his life and plans following graduation.


Ethan 1Ethan 1

Ethan 2Ethan 2 Ethan 3 B&WEthan 3 B&W Ethan 5Ethan 5 Ethan 7 B&WEthan 7 B&W Ethan 8Ethan 8

For his next set of images Ethan stuck with his jeans, but changed quickly into a casual black t-shirt.  During this time we made great use of some newer constructed steps at Creek Bend Farm and a concrete wall full of texture on a nearby building.   Ethan 10Ethan 10 Ethan 11Ethan 11 From there we made our way down a path close by in search of some tall grass (aka where I love to "plant" all of my clients in a rustic setting).  While Ethan and I were busy shooting in the grass, Ethan's dad wandered off.  Shortly, I heard "Hey, I think I have found something you may be interested in!".  At this point, the heavens parted as I was directed to a nearby creek.  Obviously, we were at Creek Bend Farm. I figured there was a creek SOMEWHERE, but I had no idea where it was or how to access it.  High five, dad...HIGH FIVE!!! Ethan 12 B&WEthan 12 B&W Ethan 14Ethan 14 Ethan 17Ethan 17 Ethan 18Ethan 18 Ethan 20Ethan 20 Following a Thursday night practice and team feed, I met up with Ethan again.  As a football player and baseball player during his time at Oak Harbor High School we definitely wanted to incorporate both sports into Ethan's senior session.  For sport images, I encourage my seniors to bring along their jersey and pair it with a pair of jeans or khakis.  Both looks are great!  During Ethan's session we added in a football, his helmet, and Varsity jacket as well.  
Ethan 24Ethan 24 Ethan 25Ethan 25 Ethan 27Ethan 27 Ethan 28Ethan 28 Ethan 30Ethan 30 Ethan 31Ethan 31 Following our time at the football stadium we made the short walk to the Oak Harbor baseball field.  Again, we made use of Ethan's Varsity jacket this time with his baseball jersey underneath.  The addition of a baseball bat added a nice element to Ethan's final set of images.

Ethan 32Ethan 32 Ethan 34Ethan 34 Ethan 37Ethan 37 Ethan 39Ethan 39

Thank you Ethan (and family!) for choosing Kelly Lindsay Photography during such an important time in your lives!  It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I consider myself lucky to have worked with you!  Congratulations to Ethan on his recent graduation from Oak Harbor High School...I wish you great success as you head to the University of Toledo in the fall.  I look forward to hearing of your future accomplishments!

Are you an up and coming 2017 Senior of Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, Fremont, or area high school?  I am now scheduling 2017 Seniors for both summer and fall sessions!  I would love to share with you my Senior Portrait Magazine jam packed with past client reviews, styling tips, location ideas, etc.  Contact me today at 419-707-2232 or [email protected] so we can start planning YOUR custom senior portrait session!


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