Gabby / Sylvania Northview {Oak Harbor Ohio Senior Portraits ; Lake Erie Senior Session}

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Meet Gabby a 2016 Senior from Sylvania Northview, Ohio!  I was humbled when Gabby's Mom contacted me to schedule her senior session!  Gabby is an upcoming graduate of Sylvania Northview High School and typically most of the seniors I work with are a whee bit closer to me.  However, Gabby's family owns a house on the beach of Lake Erie here in Oak Harbor and they were looking for her session to take place at their beach house and surrounding area.  I have some pretty stellar clients who love to give me referrals and in doing so I had the opportunity to meet Gabby and her parents (for the record super sweet and fun family!).

The evening of our session we were fortunate to have some gorgeous weather, but nothing could match the beautiful girl that Gabby is.  Inside and out.  Prior to our session Gabby and her mom had done some location scouting and their top picks were on point ;)  Can we talk clothing choices? Spot on I tell ya!  Each outfit complimented Gabby's sparkling blue eyes and were simply perfect for our locations.  

We started our session with Gabby wearing a fun maxi dress...perfect for the shores of Lake Erie!  Now.  Confession time.  Since starting Kelly Lindsay Photography I have NEVER and I mean never gotten more inquiries as to where this first series of images was shot.  Want in on a secret?  It's the exterior of an outdoor shower.  No joke.  And I loved it!  Talk about a match made in heaven...that wall and that dress!  

Gabby 1Gabby 1 Gabby 6Gabby 6 Gabby 7Gabby 7


In the next yard over (which we were welcome to shoot in) their was the most amazing landscaping with the perfect little bench for a few more photos!

Gabby 9Gabby 9 Gabby 10Gabby 10

It goes without saying we had to hit up the beach of Lake Erie and these grand rocks for some poses!

Gabby 12Gabby 12 Gabby 2Gabby 2 Gabby 12 B&WGabby 12 B&W Gabby 13Gabby 13

Then it was time for a quick outfit change.  Not only did I adore all of Gabby's outfit selections, but I loved how each outfit complimented the other.  Each was a various shade of blue with pops of other colors.  When working with similar tones this allows for a cohesive gallery and the opportunity for a beautiful collection of images to hang on the wall ;)  

Gabby 14Gabby 14 Gabby 16Gabby 16 Gabby 17Gabby 17 Gabby 18Gabby 18 Gabby 22Gabby 22

Gabby 24Gabby 24

For her final set of images Gabby paired jeans with a lace tank top.  Ladies and gentleman jeans are classic and will never go out of style.  They make the perfect choice for at least one of your Senior outfit selections.  By simply pulling back some of her hair and the addition of a few new accessories Gabby had a new look in no time at all!

Gabby 25Gabby 25 Gabby 26Gabby 26 Gabby 3Gabby 3 Gabby 32Gabby 32 Gabby 31Gabby 31 Gabby 27Gabby 27 Gabby 28Gabby 28 Gabby 30Gabby 30 Gabby 34Gabby 34 Gabby 35Gabby 35 Gabby 37Gabby 37 Gabby 38Gabby 38

Gabby and family...thank you so much for selecting me for your Senior portraits.  It truly was an honor to meet the three of you.  Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors and the biggest of Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!


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