Ava Turns One / Oak Harbor & Port Clinton Family Photographer {Northwest Ohio Photographer}

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Oh, this little ginger!  She has captured her Aunt Kelly's heart.  I can hardly believe she turned ONE back in August!  It was amazing to capture her entire first year in photos (literally from birth).  My brother and sister in law are lucky to have a gorgeous yard right here in Oak Harbor with surrounding fields as well.  I love me a mixture of overgrown grass and weeds and when you a plant a small (super cute) child in the mix...well, perfection ;)  Mom found this adorable white jean jacket with flowers on it at Old Navy and paired with a tee and jean shorts Ava looked beyond cute!  Don't you just love her wild crazy hair and baby blues?  I die.  

Ava 1Ava 1 Ava 5Ava 5 Ava 6Ava 6 Ava 7Ava 7 Ava 8Ava 8 THIS.  Honestly!  One year olds are so fun and in a short matter of time you can get a wide range of looks from them (especially with Mom and Dad doing Lord only knows what behind me!). Ava 10Ava 10 Ava 12Ava 12 Ava 20Ava 20

I scored this little jean dress at a garage sale earlier in the summer and sent it Ava's way.  I am sure you could pair it with leggings as well, but at the time it made for a stylish and classic dress for Ava's 1st Birthday session.  Enter the Pepsi crate.  Anyone who knows my sister in law is well aware that she loves her Pepsi.  We joke that her 3 children all were born from a "Pepsi womb".  I scored this vintage Pepsi crate while shopping in Amish country (with my sister in law for the record) earlier in the summer that Ava was born.  I had to get it!  The fact it is yellow (my favorite color)...huge bonus!

I just love the lighting in this series of photos and the way it hits Ava's hair!

Ava 2Ava 2 Ava 13Ava 13 Ava 16Ava 16 Ava 17Ava 17 Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I can hardly wait to see the fun you bring our family in the coming year!

Your baby's first year goes by in the blink of an eye (says the mom of 5).  I love serving Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, Fremont and area families as their family photographer!  Use the contact page or call me at 419.707.2232 to inquire about my NEW Watch Me Grow Plans for Northwest Ohio families.



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