Sisters / Children's Session / Magee Marsh / Oak Harbor, Ohio

January 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Oh, this session!  Let me start by saying this session started off with a "minor" issue.  After driving to Maumee Bay (our intended location) I grabbed my camera only to realize said camera did not contain a battery.  Frantically, I began searching my camera bag and no battery.  *Insert lots of descriptive words at this moment*  I quickly then remembered both of my batteries were on chargers.  At home.  45 minutes away.  Charging for THIS session.  Awesome, no?  I have to tell you I was so mad at myself and rather embarrassed as well.  I placed a phone call to my client who frankly showed me  more kindness than what I deserved at that moment (thanks, Mom!).  After a quick conversation we agreed for both of us to head back towards Oak Harbor (home for both of us), I would grab my battery, and we would meet at Magee Marsh (aka former Crane Creek beach) instead.  We were losing light quickly, the girls were getting a whee bit tired, but the end result?  Well, maybe it was meant to be ;)  Thanks again "L Family" for continually being amazing and understanding clients who I now consider friends!

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