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A little "back story" before we dive into the pure gorgeousness that is Danica.  When Kelly Lindsay Photography was born I chose to not be a photographer who offered every session one could images.  Family, children, seniors, newborns, weddings, landscape.  In my heart I knew I could not boast "specializes in _________________ (fill in the blank with every type of photography desired)".  Is that even possible?  No.  Really?  For me (keeping it real) the answer was a clear cut "no".  Even today I could not claim to specialize in 4 various forms of photography, because quite simply I don't.  In the very beginning of Kelly Lindsay Photography I chose to focus on children and family sessions.  I had zero desire to "tackle" the beast that is known as wedding photography.  Newborn photography?  Well, frankly it scared me.  Working with another mother's newborn terrified me.  Yes, says the mother of 5.  Newborn photography is truly an art.  I am in awe of those who rock it.  Honestly.

Enter Sam.  Oh, sweet Sam.  Sam has been one of my most faithful, supportive, and beautiful clients from the beginning.  I am  smitten with her oldest daughter whom I began photographing at 6 months of age.  I absolutely love each and every session with Sam and her family.  When Sam got pregnant with her second child she requested newborn photos from yours truly.  I wanted to run.  Far and fast.  But I don't run ;)  Bless Sam for knowing I didn't offer newborn photography, but for stating she couldn't imagine going elsewhere.  At that I said "yes" and promised to deliver the very best images I could.  From the moment I said "yes" I promised myself two things I would keep my posing simple leaving the complicated poses to the experts and that I would study, study, study newborn photography for the next 9 months.  PS...Sam, THANK YOU for the heads up allowing me lots of time ;)  Many nights I could be found on Youtube watching various videos on newborn wrapping, posing, safe props,  etc.  I invested in a Newborn e-guide by the amazing Amy Cook Photography and gained valuable knowledge.  

Leading up to the session I was nervous.  Like "I am going to puke all over this newborn" nervous  (I didn't for the record).  I kept it simple.  I gave it my all and in the end truly enjoyed the session.  After all who doesn't like some baby snuggles?!  I have so much to learn regarding the art of newborn photography, but when all is said and done I am proud of these images :)  Thanks, Sam for taking a chance on me!

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